Creating the 'Prismatic Thread' body of work

Creating the 'Prismatic Thread' body of work
In creating this collection of works, I was interested in pushing my palette combinations and techniques in combining colours within single brushstrokes. Sometimes, a single brushstroke includes four colours that blend and shift as the stroke transitions across the canvas.

I also wanted to leave some breathing space within these paintings, so some larger areas of block colour with a single stroke cutting through to activate a section. These placements are all strategic and need to balance within the overall painting. Through this process I have noticed echos of marks repeating through some works, which I find quite satisfying. Some of this I feel is a subconscious level of painting that plays out.

Often I have a couple of works on the go at the same time. This allows me to take a break from one piece whilst a layer dries, or if I need to figure out how to proceed in resolving an aspect of the work.

Most of this collection was painted on the floor, where I was able to walk through the paintings as I created them (being careful not to step on wet areas.) Always keeping in mind the spaces that they were going to hang within QT Melbourne, and how the paintings would function within this environment.

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