Goroke Silos with Geoffrey Carran

Goroke Silos with Geoffrey Carran

In September 2020, the year of delays, Geoffrey Carran and I embarked on one of the biggest art projects of our lives! The Graincorp Goroke Silo Project. 

Part of the Australian Silo Trail, the Goroke Silos are the canvas for Geoffrey’s signature artwork of Australian birdlife. The three silos encompass a kookaburra, galah and Magpie (the indigenous namesake of Goroke.)

During the six week period that we spent onsite, I was Geoffrey’s offsider (paint mixer, sandwich maker, safety officer, morale booster and project photographer.) It was exhausting. We had deluges of rain and hail, and winds so high we couldn’t use the access equipment. We wore ski gear to keep warm, and then the following week we called it quits at lunchtime because of the searing heat. Goroke through everything at us. Despite this Geoffrey pushed through everyday to create a marvel that now inspires people to travel 100s of kilometres. Cultural tourism is valuable to our small regional communities and they really benefit from the few dollars each person spends when they visit the town.

One of the highlights of this project was working with Bryan Hynes to make a short film of the project. He truly captures the enthusiasm that the community has for the project as well as the way the project unfolded. 



There was also a film made by Lou Petho for Arte in Europe. This longer documentary captures the finer details of the process behind a silo project.





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