Painting the Artwork for East HK

Painting the Artwork for East HK
I first heard from Tamsin at Red T Multiples back in May, talking about doing editions of my work. I was a bit slow to respond, but having met Tamsin a few years earlier when she was running an art fair that I was part of, I decided to have a discussion and see if her art consultancy business might be a good fit for my work. 
It wasn’t long after our first conversation that she asked me to submit some concepts for a hotel project that she was working on. I was pretty excited about the prospect of fitting out an international hotel, so got straight on it. I presented a series of digital mockups, and then some more… It was a pretty extensive period of consultation and sampling for the agency, but eventually they got it over the line!
Swire Hotels decided on an approach that was quite minimal in palette, but that would give lots of options for different crops, and wallpaper designs across the hotel suites. Although the palette was minimal, key brand colours were also a major consideration, so it was imperative to get these colours correct as part of the overall painting.
Painting this commission was very focused (as are all commissions!) especially spraying in the orange, and the final gesture with the large brushstroke of white.
Room fit-outs are rolling out, and I hopefully will get to visit the hotel myself one day!
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