Message from the Minister for the Arts, Viachroma – Dandenong Station

The Victorian Government believes art should be a living, breathing part of our culture.

Art in Victoria is not restricted to galleries and theatres; it’s something you stumble across in the most unexpected places. This is what makes this state unique, and this is why the Victorian Government is proud to support the Viachroma project.

Built along the pedestrian walkway at Dandenong Station, Rowena Martinich’s magnificent work has turned a transport hub into an outdoor exhibition space. For the more than 8,000 people who travel through the station each day, Viachroma will bring new colour and vibrancy to their regular journey. It has made a functional space beautiful, and it has given Dandenong Station a unique character.

Through Viachroma, we see how art can change the way you look at the world.

Even if you just see it for a moment, when you’re waiting for that Monday morning train, art can transform a space you think you know, a space you might take for granted, into an unfamiliar but engaging creative landscape.

For many people, the arts are a recreational pursuit while transport is part of the day-to-day business of living. In bringing art to the public, Viachroma invites us to see creativity and beauty as a vital part of our lives.

I would like to congratulate Rowena for her work, RMIT for their guidance and the City of Greater Dandenong for championing this wonderful project.

Enjoy Viachroma.

Minister for the Arts

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