COLOURBOSS Exhibition Launch

COLOURBOSS Exhibition Launch

For months, but particularly the month before the COLOURBOSS launch – I endured a very extensive studio period. I really pushed my painting practice to areas it hadn’t been – deeply immersed in the act of painting; every surface in the studio was covered in artwork and materials. Day’s off were unheard of, and it wasn’t unusual to be eating dinner at 9.45pm. Though this was a super intensive time where every aspect of my working life was pushed to the point of exhaustion, I have never enjoyed my studio practice as much as I have making this exhibition series.

There was a great deal of reflection on my art practice in the preparation for this show. Looking at where my painting had taken me over the past ten years; pubic art projects, commercial commissions, international travel with projects and amazing collaborations. What were the successes, what inspired me and also where I see things heading in the future. I feel like this show is really about me pursuing a direction in my painting that enthrals me, that really extends the idea of working at scale and firmly grasping colour.

The installation of the show was quite slow, as it was quite an ambitious hang. All of the artwork was suspended in space, and due to their scale this required a bit of a strategy and teamwork. Getting big pieces level was challenging, especially hanging them from beams that were not exactly straight! But after a while the process was sorted. The install still took 13 hours with three of us on deck; thankfully the paintings came to life in the space just as planned. (I did wake up every half hour that evening wondering if one of the fixtures had given way with a domino effect of the whole show falling down...)

Unusually – before the opening event I was pretty calm – even with my computer crashing that day prior to catalogues being printed! I was more excited than nervous, as by this point I felt that I had pulled out every stop I thought possible to make this show my best one to date. Thanks to all of the preparation behind the logistics of the launch by Simply Social Management, the launch flowed perfectly! Boards R Us created an amazing spread, Picco Apperitivo and Kreol sponsored delicious drinks, and The Prosecco Van greeted everyone on arrival with glasses of sparkling. I was thrilled to see so many familiar faces, but also many new guests supporting me, and my artwork, at the launch event. I really enjoyed experiencing the audience’s response to this series and the opportunity to see the body of work as a whole.

I would like to mention an extra special thanks to Ozdare for supplying the beautiful venue in which COLOURBOSS was exhibited. Our collaborative relationship ended up being so much bigger and better than I ever realised it would be!



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