Working with Red T Multiples in Hong Kong, Rowena was commissioned to create an artwork to be reproduced in the form of 6 different wallpapers across 336 suites of East HK - a newly renovated hotel. The original artwork will hang in the lobby. Rowena and Red T Multiples consulted closely with the client to achieve the ultimate artwork to fit the ethos and aesthetic for this hotel.

"It was my vision to create an artwork that conveys the energy of incandescence; the emission of visible light by a body (ie the sun), caused by its high temperature. To me, the East brand elicits ideas of the sun, a glow, warmth and a sense of uplifting. 

I wanted to imbue the artwork with movement, radiance, white heat. The orange of the East brand  is the cornerstone of the artwork, one of the final layers sprayed across the surface as a highlight. I wanted to keep the painting spontaneous but also sophisticated using tonal dark navy, greys and softer watermelons, being mindful that this work would ultimately be enlarged, and the design consideration of the artwork embracing a full wall area. I didn’t want the work to ‘take over’ but rather, harmoniously activate the hotel suites."