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Rowena Martinich is an abstract expressionist painter known for her dynamic and colourful paintings and murals.
"Aside from falling in love with her work, Rowena’s experience with large scaled pieces and their integration into architecture gave us confidence in the ability for our vision to be realised."
Kel Twite – Barton St
"I personally love Rowena’s vision and her ability to work with different mediums (ie. glass, metal, canvas). Rowena is an absolute professional and working with her realise an idea coming to life."
Mim Fanning - Mim Design
"It was an easy choice selecting Rowena to work with. Her back catalogue of works, her ability think in colour, her professionalism and positive attitude made it a no brainer. The work we wanted was massive and physically demanding. Not once did we doubt Rowena’s ability to achieve the project on time and in Budget."
James Voller – Matter of Fact Agency
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