One unmissable element of the Arthouse development is the large, striking artwork incorporated into the building’s foyer. Working in collaboration with Mirvac’s architects and interior designers from inception, Rowena Martinich created a piece that was fully integrated into this Brisbane building.

Rowena created a large abstract piece that was digitally translated onto glass for incorporation into the foyer. The bold four metre by ten-metre installation flows seamlessly from the building entrance into the foyer and onto the walls – creating a striking first impression. Working in the ‘gateway’ to the building Rowena was inspired to use light as an intrinsic element of her artwork to add to people’s experiences of the foyer space. “Light helps to activate a space that may normally be transitory and unappreciated,” said Rowena “And palette is important in creating a sophisticated feel, which was crucial for such a high-quality environment.”

With Arthouse now complete, Rowena’s vision has been realised. “Creating an artwork in such an environment is about creating an identity for the building and its occupants,” she said. “It is inspiring to add another visual layer to the cultural precinct.”

“I hope I’ve created a work that people will be proud to identify with – a symbol of their connection with the culture of South Brisbane where they live.”