'Field Electric' is a mural series created for the dining hall space at 357 Collins Street, Melbourne.

The work consists of a 10 arches and a large wall that read as one large work. The painting is a combination of layered dripping veils of colour, intertwined with large gestural roller marks. Some areas are quite built up, other areas are more spacious, all balancing off each other and allowing the eye to travel through the work across its' many surfaces.

Pre-designed with the interior fit out in mind, this work sits harmoniously within the semi industrial/lux environment of the space. It is the artist's interpretation of the city. It reflects back at the viewer the energy and flow of the city, its inhabitants and the dynamics that play out in its many layers. The twists and turns that unfold throughout the day and night; the chaos, the vibrancy, the hustle and charge. It is an interpretation of how Melbourne's people weave in and out of spaces and the street, in traffic and on the footpaths, out of cafes and into work, during the week and the weekend. The city is constant, it is a vast ever-changing field and it is electric.

Rowena partnered with Judy Roller to deliver this project - go team!

Film by Yeah Yeah Film & Jesse Leaman
Photography by Oliwier Gesla